Artist’s Statement 1

Gordon S Ackerman

I often regretted that following my love of science had taken me away from developing artistically. But why keep regretting? Instead after many years being busy with all that science led me to I have found space to get back to the love of art. But it is art that recognises and grows out of my love of science.

What is it that gives the dancing flames on a log fire, the evolving shapes of clouds scudding by, or waves crashing into broken fragments on hard rock their mesmeric quality? It is that that I try to investigate. I following themes of complexity, chaos and order. This gives a highly textural but also frequently geometric quality to my work. These interests combine with a desire to look at the relationship between now and the past. What is purposed for one thing often finds new a new rational today. I reflect this in work that is often deeply layered. I seek to look at the heart of things and the internal life that can be so difficult to discern. This is yet another reason for my interest in layering.

I have worked on these themes across many media, from art produced by a computer program that I wrote to look at some of these themes, to paint, collage, ceramics and various varieties of mixed media.

You can read more in “The Computer Who Dreams” page.

Vision 1563

Vision 1563

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