Artist’s Statement 2

My paintings, I hope, can be taken at face value, or you might like to try and follow the ideas that I am working on. They investigate various ideas, such as complexity and order, things half seen, the hidden interior life and our interaction with the past.

Calton Hill

I hope to write more about these ideas, but here is a beginning. The chief theme that I investigate is complexity. It has been said, that the biggest mystery of the universe is that we understand any of it. Somehow our minds have an affinity to understanding these deep mysteries. But as much as we understand some, much of it defies our initial simplification. But so often if we look further we see we can improve our initial idea and see more, and then we find ourselves running on a trail of initial understandings and recognition of our limitations, until the complexity of life shows us that although our mind is somehow in tune with the universe, it is way bigger than us. We can end up with both an idea of an affinity with the universe and a humility at facing it. To paint that is a challenge.

2 Responses to “Artist’s Statement 2”

  1. John Drummond Says:

    Really like this Gordon


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