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Site Developments 18

December 1, 2014

It been a while since I posted on my site. It has been a busy year in many ways that had kept me out of the studio for a while, but I’m back there now. If you are following developments on the site you will find:

I’ve moved the title page for paintings to Artist’s Statement 2. I had been wanting to edit my artist statement, but I thought I would just add new ones from time to time.

I’ve created a new title page for Painting, with a study that I’m quite pleased with.

I’ve created the new category of Installations. Flocking Instinct didn’t really fit in any category but now that I have been working on a couple of other pieces I have created a group for them. I am please to have found a place to develop these works that have been in my head for a while.

2014-10-18 18.07.18

I enjoyed sitting on the beach of the Rhine with the family. I wish you could have seen the colours, they were edible.

I have done much other work over the year since I last posted, but most of it have been work for specific individuals who have kept their work. I should photograph some of the ones that I do in future so you get a chance to see them.

Do post if you are by here.


Site Developments 17

November 18, 2013

I’ve just finished a small series of mixed media images. On 13cm x 13cm x 3.3cm canvas I have branched of from my last piece, picking up the flakes that I had developed for that image and played with them to create 3 quite different pieces, linked by media and colour.

Untitled 3

Untitled 3

And so here is the set of three.

Untitled x 3

Untitled x 3


Site Developments 16

November 9, 2013

This is the second in a planned 3 part series if multi-media images. The flakes on these painting are plaster flakes.



Site Developments 15

November 7, 2013

I am rather pleased to be back creating in an out of the box way and just for fun. This small canvas (5inch x 5inch) is not quite finished, but you can’t see the unfinished sides. I have in mind a whole series of such images, and another already started.



Site Developments 14

February 11, 2013

After a gap in posting new work I’ve added an origami page to show some of the stuff I have been working on. Its not radical but I have been using it in other work that I do so I just thought I’d let you see what I’ve been up to. The model of the face is a completely new thing to me. Its a bit of a different style. It is much less rule bound than the other models, so it open up new possibilities.

Over Christmas my family challenged me to make a model of the picture on my dad’s Christmas card. I think that I did a not bad job of interpreting it in origami. I was particularly pleased to be able make it free standing and to include the pipe all within the one square of uncut paper.


Site Developments 13

October 21, 2012

I have been doing a bit of updating around the website. I have changed a few of the image collections into the new gallery. Click on any of the now smaller preview images and find a nice sliding gallery of all of the images. Click on a black area to return to the page.

I have added a maquette to the Other Media page.

I have added a few images generated some time ago, but never publicly seen, to the Virtual Mind Images page.

I have added a new Mixed Media page with some work, old and new.

The piece below is the most recently finished. It speaks to me about my need for both structure and freedom and the conflict between these thing but also the synergy between them. But there remains areas that await being released.


Site Developments 12

October 20, 2012

I have added a couple of photos that I had worked on some time ago and collected the together with others here to make a new page: Altered Vision.

I have been making use of the new gallery available on this blog template on many of the pages, but not this one. On those pages do click on images to see them larger and notice that you can close it with a very small cross top left.

On this page you need to use your back button on your browser to return her after clicking the image.

Happy Viewing

In Place

Site Developments 11

August 26, 2012

I’ve not been updating this site for a while now. I’ve been off in a different direction artistically that I have not been adding here. You can see some of those things on facebook if you know me there. But today I have added some of my photo work that seemed to belong in this blog, so here I am back again.

I have been playing with photo manipulation for a while to pull out the emotional, ethereal, spiritual qualities of the images. I’ve been trying to pull out some of the vision of what I see in the subject and playing with the image much more as I would a painting. You can judge whether it works in my Photography section.

So I have moved my Photography title page down to Edinburgh Photography and put a couple of new pieces on the main photography page.

Abbey Hill

Site Developments 10

May 20, 2010

I’ve been gardening recently. Here are a  couple of photos inspired by that work.

Rust Man

Fire & Smoke

The Rust Man photo was added to what was my photography II page that is now titles Compositions, the second is in the main photography page.

I edited these with a new editor that I downloaded today: Gimp.

Site Developments 9

July 29, 2009

Photography has been growing so it is now made a main page and has portraits added. I only have pictures with one model so far. Many thanks to Felicity. As usual I hope to do something a little different with my portrature. Please do tell me what you think.