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February 16, 2016

I saw a design today for a new skyscraper and it really reminded me of something I drew in 2007 when I was learning how to use sketchup. Perhaps I should have tried to sell it back then. Though I do think that their ideas are a bit more practical than mine, but it was just a quick sketch. It funny when you see your half baked ideas popping up in other peoples fully fledged ideas. The problem is I just need about five lives to live out all my ideas.


I’ve not been posting for a while. Too busy creating. I’ll post some things soon.

The Taj Mahal

May 2, 2015

Something strange has started to happen to me. I am tidying things up. I don’t make a point of it. I just see something and think that needs to be somewhere else, usually the bin. I move that and then another thing and next thing I know the place is getting tidied. Now you probably want to know how I got to this happy place. I’m afraid I don’t really know. I might be able to delve into the changes in my psyche, but perhaps this is not the place for that.

The outcome for you is the I now have a tidy studio and I thought that I would let you see it. Now I say tidy, but that is a relative term. Tidy enough that I can make work in it, and maybe even tidy enough that our cleaner can actually dust in there!

My studio is a mezzanine floor in my bedroom. Its quite small, but it is a space dedicated to making. So here it is:

Taj And if you come up into it you see a worktop surrounded space and some things out ready to start work.

Taj panorama


You may be wondering why it is called the Taj Mahal. I’m not entirely sure. It is the name that my father-in-law started calling it. It could be that the name came because it was large and white and rather frilly. Or perhaps it looked like it was going to take so long to be finished that I would end up burying my wife in it. But the name stuck. It has some fine features that I will not go into just now, but the cool thing is that I have some room to create again.

The piece that I am working on may take as long as the Taj to construct. It is sort of like ‘flocking instinct’ but 3d. Don’t hold your breath though.