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Site Developments 18

December 1, 2014

It been a while since I posted on my site. It has been a busy year in many ways that had kept me out of the studio for a while, but I’m back there now. If you are following developments on the site you will find:

I’ve moved the title page for paintings to Artist’s Statement 2. I had been wanting to edit my artist statement, but I thought I would just add new ones from time to time.

I’ve created a new title page for Painting, with a study┬áthat I’m quite pleased with.

I’ve created the new category of Installations. Flocking Instinct didn’t really fit in any category but now that I have been working on a couple of other pieces I have created a group for them. I am please to have found a place to develop these works that have been in my head for a while.

2014-10-18 18.07.18

I enjoyed sitting on the beach of the Rhine with the family. I wish you could have seen the colours, they were edible.

I have done much other work over the year since I last posted, but most of it have been work for specific individuals who have kept their work. I should photograph some of the ones that I do in future so you get a chance to see them.

Do post if you are by here.