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Site Developments 4

April 26, 2009

The latest developments include adding my latest work, called “Flocking Instinct” , which currently features on the home page, and given it a page all of its own since it has so much detail in it.

I have added a couple of large canvases that I painted in the paintings section.

I have I also changed the postsĀ  I have been making from being “news “to being catagorised as “site developments” and made some minor alterations to the text on the “Archy Project” and “The Computer Who Dreams”.

I hope you enjoy these and comment on them. I have now allowed comments with no e-mail address to encourage more of you to do this.

Site Developments 3

April 25, 2009

Today’s addition, “The Computer Who Dreams“, is the text from the flier from my first exhibition. I should probably have put that on the page. Perhaps another day. It is one attemt to put my reasoning behind Archy into word. I’m better at images really, but I hope it helps. Do ask questions though.

More Developments 2

April 23, 2009

To keep the momentum up I added a new page to the Archy Project, the Virtual Mind Images. Most of these have been made since my last exhibition and have not been printed in any form yet.

I also added the artist statement that I propose to submit to the up coming exhibition. Comment very quickly if you think it needs changed cos its going tomorrow morning.

In case you have not already noticed I also changed the welcome page since this site is now gettting to a respectable representation of my work, it is no longer just a start.


Areas 1008

Areas 1008

Site Developments 1

April 22, 2009

This is for you Sue and anyone else who wonders where the new stuff is. Today I created the “Other Media” section and added a page on “Ceramics“. I’ll post another piece to that page just to give it a nice 3 x 2 grid. I also added two of my favorite pieces into the “Paintings” section on the “Edinburgh Series” page. There are two more pieces to post in that series, but I don’t have good pics.

Next I plan to add more to the “Archy Project” and add some of my sculpture, just for completeness.

The piece below is “Hope” and is a painting that my wife will not let me sell.

If you want an invite to the private view on the 8th do get in touch.